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Physical activity - kind of activity of a human body at which activation of exchange processes in skeletal (cross-striped) of muscles provides their reduction and movement of a human body or its parts in space. As the physiological process, physical activity is inherent to any person. It can be low if the person consciously or forcedly conducts an inactive way of life and, on the contrary, high, for example, such as an athlete. Low physical activity (hypodynamia) can cause  a muscular atrophy. If the hypodynamia is combined with confusion in a dietary intake (eating energy food aplently) it will inevitably lead to obesity development. The high – is accompanied by increase in muscular weight (hypertrophy), strengthening of bones of a skeleton, increase of mobility of joints. It is necessary to speak about optimum physical activity which allows the person to keep or improve the health, to reduce risk of diseases, including the fatal. Optimal physical activity can be achieved by walking, running, playing sports, dancing, and by the gymnastic exercises.
The processes occurring in the human body during physical activity
Any kind of physical activity is accompanied by an intensification of exchange processes (metabolism), first of all in muscle cells, and, therefore, increase of their requirement for receipt of additional amount of oxygen and nutrients. Already at moderate and, especially, at the expressed physical activity occurs an intensification of work of heart (increase of frequency and force of reductions) and respiratory organs (increase in frequency of breath with increase of gas exchange and saturation of lungs by oxygen). Activation of a cellular metabolism is characterized not only as a receipt, but also as  removal of the products which are forming in the course of activity of cages. They enter the blood course and are removed by kidneys with urine, skin with sudor and lungs with exhaled air. Therefore, an increase in physical activity in humans lead to increased heart rate (tachycardia and pulse), respiratory movements (labored breathing), urinations, amplifies sweating. Tachypnoe along with the increased sweating provide protection of an organism against overheating in the period of the expressed physical activity.
The role of physical activity in a person's life
Physical activity is one of the key aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It does the person not only physically more attractive, but also significantly improves his health, positively influences on life expectancy, first of all its active part. The risk of progress of his life-threatening diseases of the heart and blood vessels of the brain, diabetes, cancer is significantly decreases.
According to physicians regular physical activity provides:

    • risk reduction of:
    • sudden death, first of all early, sharp vascular diseases of heart and brain.
    • arterial hypertension (at its existence – provides better control of arterial pressure)
    • type 2 diabetes (at its existence – provides better control of its current and development of complications)
    • colon cancer
    • mental disorder mental violations (anxiodepressive catastasis)
    • betterment of
    • body weight control
    • durabilities of bony tissue (osteoporosis prevention)
    • quality of life

    What is the optimal physical activity?
    Physicians believe that for maintenance of a good physical form  will be enough of 20-30 minutes of the active physical exercises improving intake of oxygen in an organism , not less than three times a week and strengthening muscles of exercise not less than 2 times a week. If it is, for some reason impossible,  then it will be  enough 30 minutes for health maintenance of the moderated or expressed physical activity (not necessarily continuous) not less than 5 days in a week. When the patient meant the different reasons of low physical activity, it has to increase gradually. Before its beginning consultation of the doctor is desirable. It is most convenient to begin with walking or swimming in comfortable conditions (in pleasure, instead of "with a great effort"). In process of adaptation to such loadings and strengthening of the muscles, probably dosed increase of physical activity.
    What is the moderated or expressed physical activity?
    The moderated and expressed physical activity includes any kind of the muscular activity which is carried out by the person during the day, weeks, month, years. It does not matter, it is special physical exercises, or housework or  simply walking. Physical activity can be rather short-term, but it is very important that during the day its duration was not less than 30 minutes. For the majority of people 30 minutes and even more   of physical activity in day aren't a problem. But there is a category of people who owing to specifics of their work and/or vital habits conduct an inactive way of life. How it is possible to provide a necessary minimum of physical activity for health?
    Here are a few advice:

          • after each hour of work do 3-5 minute breaks during which get up from the workplace and walk about the room (corridor)
          • If possible, do not use the elevator or escalator
          • park the car in 1-2 quarters prior to the place necessary to you and  walk to get to it
          • in the evenings and in the days off play with the child (children) active games
          • if you have a personal plot, a country house – don't avoid housework or work in a garden
          • during days off give preference to outdoor activities
          • if you the head of the organization (enterprise) - create for itself and employees the room for occupations by physical exercises (for example, table tennis, a hall with "a running path", velosimulators) – investments in health are always pay off!

      The active physical exercises improving intake of oxygen in a human body, are an integral part of the moderate and expressed physical activity. During their performance activity of all groups of muscles, including, providing breath and warm activity increases. As a consequence, increased heart rate, breathing with increasing depth. Changes of intensity of work of heart and breath provides adequate to requirements of an organism receipt in cells of oxygen and nutrients, i.e. efficiency of blood circulation increases. Here are the most widespread types of active physical exercises:

            • intensive (fast) walking
            • swimming
            • tennis
            • horse riding
            • cycling
            • sport dance
            • physical exercises with music or actually aerobics
            • rowsport
            • skating
            • skiing
            • simulator session ("a running path", the bicycle)

        Some good advice instead of the conclusion

          • If you are in the beginning of a way on strengthening of the health, begin physical exercises at slow speed and, only having adapted for such loadings, gradually and in steps (level behind level) increase their intensity. Such approach will provide the greatest advantage at the minimum risk.
          • In a choice of a type of physical activity be guided by the attachments (outdoor games, walking, a driving by bicycle, etc.) and in time choice – on feature of the daily routine and feature of the biorhythm ("lark" or "owl"). In the first case, occupations by physical exercises are preferable prior to the beginning of day of work, in the second – after the working day. "owl"). In that case physical activity will be for you in pleasure, and therefore more useful.
          • Be engaged in physical exercises regularly, and for this purpose allocate for it time in the daily routine
          • During performance of physical exercises don't distract on foreign actions (most often conversations) is will reduce probability of traumatism
          • If during performance of physical exercises you felt weakness, dizziness or it became difficult for you to breathe – loading is excessive, its intensity needs to be reduced or  to stop occupation at all; duration of the recovery period testifies to excessiveness of exercises more than 10 minutes also
          • Do your exercises in a comfortable  shoes and clothes not constraining your movements
          • Periodically change types of physical exercises (running, cycling, tennis, etc.), thereby you eliminate a monotony element in occupations, reducing probability of the termination of occupations ("they bothered me, every day is the same")
          • Encourage physical activity of the relatives, especially children from early age. Let physical exercises become a habit that will help your children to support health during all their life
          • Stimulate and encourage yourself: set the small and big purposes, and having reached them, note them as holiday events
          • Remember, physical activity is the important and effective tool in preservation and improvement of your health, and therefore it has to become the integral attribute of your life!


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December 20, 2012

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