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The construction of the Belarusian Cement Plant which is unique by its characteristics (for the first time in the world practice the dry mix process was implemented in production of cement from the high-moisture chalk), was initiated in 1987 pursuant to Decision No. 216 of the Government of the BSSR.


In 1993, due to pressure for money, the plant construction was frozen until 1996.
On September 11, 1996 the first production line of the Belarusian Cement Plant was set in operation.


At this time the Community includes 26 shops, 21 departments, branch № 1 “Cemagro”, private construction unitary enterprise "Cemstroyremont", branch №2 “Cementtorg”. The Community employs 1868 people.
For a relatively short time the plant administration managed to arrange and stabilize the cement production process, enter the world market, consolidate its position in the domestic market, prove the high quality of its products. It has to be noted, that in condition of the strong competition which has been developed on the market, OJSC “Belarusian cement plant” has durably occupied the niche and strengthens the won positions, works on prospect.


In 2000, up-to-date multipurpose high-performance packing complex made by Moellers (Germany) with an output of 225 thousand tones per year was put into operation, allowing to pack cement up into paper valve bags containing from 25 to 50 kg  and into soft package «Big-Beg» containing 0.8-1 tones . Delivery of the technological equipment was carried out by firm " Mellers " – Germany. In August, 2002 at a plant, according to the Report of assignments of the President of Belarus, have been put into operation four additional modules to the packing cement machine.


On December 26, 2003 gas turbine installation with power of 16 MWt was set in operation. Gas turbine installation produces up to 60% of electric power necessary for the Community’s requirements, while exhaust gases are used for drying of raw materials.

On March 15, 2004 lime production workshop was constructed in the town  Klimovichy which nowadays produces lump lime of the 2nd and 3rd  grades, pulverized lime of the 2nd and 3rd  grades, air-hardening calcium quick-slaking building lime.


On April 2, 2005 Leninsky Put Collective Farm Agricultural Production Cooperative was joined to the OJSC “Belarusian cement plant” and was reorganized into the structural subdivision, Tsemagro Agricultural Enterprise.  As of the moment of joining the losses amounted to 20 million roubles .  In recent  four years  the subdivision has profit

The structure of division includes five farms and a machine court yard. сельскохозяйственных .The material and technical base has improved:
Reconstruction of a dairy-commodity farm Niz’ki is made in 600 heads with a section for raising calfs up to age of 20 days, installation of milking system " Elochka " that allows to realize milk to the state in the premium sort;
- Reconstruction of a farm Negino is made with installation of automatic system of unsoldering the calfs, farms Voloskovnya, Zabachane, repair of a fertilizing storehouse Zabachanie, reconstruction of calf house of the farm. Murin Bor, and pig farm. Zabichane is made
- Reconstruction of mashine-tractor workshops is made, the mashine-tractor park and agricultural machinery are updated; техника;

- Houses of the cattle breeder in v. Niz’ki and v. Murin bor are constructed.
- The winnower complex КЗСК-30 is put into operation;

-12 hay packing holes were reconstructed.


In 2005, construction of mechanical transport facility substituting the pneumatic transport facility for raw meal from two raw material lines of the milling sector, was completed, which allowed to reduce the cement prime cost by 2,5 %. In December 2007, kiln sector of the burning workshop with rotary kiln installation, with an output of 200 thousand tones of cement per year was put into operation.

With a view of performance of the Instruction of the President of Belarus №3 and maintenance of efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources and minimization of the losses connected with growth of energy carriers in January 2008 are put into operation « installation on use of automobile tires as additional fuel at roasting clinkers », which allowed to cut down the Community’s expenses for purchased fuel (gas).


In February, 2010 installation of ГТЭ-15 2 is put into operation energotechnologycal gas-turbine. Input of the given object has allowed to provide completely the Community with its own electric power, which will lower a net cost of let out production on 5,7 %.

At the Community are provided stable positive dynamics of performance predictable parameters of social and economic progress, positive financial result.
For thirteen years the Community has been gaining stable profit, showing profitability, paying salary regularly and timely, working without debts to the budget and non-budgetary funds, timely paying for energy resources.
At a factory the social area with advantage develops. For workers it is constructed seven cooperative houses, the 60-condominium are under construction.


1 .The Construction ZHSK "Splochennosty" 2009

2 . The Construction ZHSK "Prodvizhenie" 2010

3 . ZHSK "Cementnik"

4 . ZHSK "Splochennosty" 2009

5 . ZHSK "Kvetka-1" 2005
6. P ZHSK “Edynstvo” 2010
7. P ZHSK “Uspeh” 2012

A shop, a cafeteria, a canteen, and a gym are available at the Community, as well as services of a billiard room and hairdressing salon, medical center and dentist's room.


One of the major, long-awaited and memorable moments on Belarusian cement plant was the completion of construction of the second cement production line.

Let's remember how it was.

The initiation for construction of 3 cement plants has served current situation  in Belarus on shortage of cement.
At the meeting with the President of the Republic of Belarus 24.07.2007  was considered the topic and were given instructions on the construction of 3 cement plants in Belarus. Chinese company "CITIC" has been selected as a contractor and on 31.12.2007 the contract on construction of cement plants in Republic of Belarus was signed, including the second cement production line in Belarusian Cement Plant.
General contractor got onto JSC “Gomelpromstroy” which has carried out the construction of the facility since July, 2008.
At the end of 2010 the Chinese company was requested to guide mounting of the equipment and in April 2011 the Supplementary Agreement on installation of equipment was signed.
Construction began in 2010 with heightened pace.
Deputy Prime Minister A.N.Kalinin and Minister of Architecture and Construction of Republic of Belarus Nichkasov A.I were repeatedly took part in meetings about construction, Deputy Minister Lastochkin Sergey Gennadevich supervised the construction of  the facility.

In September, 2011 the coal department for work on the existing line was put into operation.
For equipment service and guidance of technical process the fuel workshop was created.
On 29.05.2012 on the 2nd technological line the first cement from clinker of operating production is made.

On 01.06.2012 the cement miling workshop was put into operation and the first van of cement on JSC “Gomelpromstroy” is shipped.
On 30.06.2012 the kiln firing of the burning department was made.
On July 15, 2012 the first clinker on the 2nd line is received.
Improvement of plant on which all workers without an exception worked became finishing works.
On August 10, 2012 the 2nd technological line is put into operation with participation of the President of Republic of Belarus  A.G.Lukashenko on which personnel changes were accepted: General Manager Kiselyov Vladimir Alekseevich who headed the “Belarusian Cement Plant" from April 1999 was appointed as a Chairman of the Kostukovichy Regional Committee, and the General Manager Lozhechnikov Igor Aleksandrovich, earlier working as the chief engineer, was appointed by the Head of the State.


Despite the construction and commissioning of the 2nd production line, the activities for the implementation of other projects that have been successfully completed were held:
On 13.01.2012 Industrial Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarusian Cement Plant" reformed to Joint Stock Company.
For uninterrupted ensuring objects of public catering, trade  a new section on meat cutting was introduced on June, on December – slaughterhouse, which was inaugurated in a solemn ceremony.

In branch №1 “Tsemagro” shed for calves has been build on the farm village Nizki this year, a hangar for grain storage, additional housing on a pig farm in the village of Zabychanye. Today the livestock of pigs already makes 4050 heads, and in 2011 it was 2400.
The water tower for uninterrupted water supply is constructed for the pig farm.
Two combines in leasing, the unit for application of fertilizers have been acquired.
We constructed two additional buildings for 500 heads with milking unit in the village of Murin Bor.

In branch №2 “Cementtorg”: overhaul and modernization of the dining room located at the Community was made, which purchased a completely new equipment, furniture. The quantity of seats is increased: from 58 to 110.

According to constituent documents the official name of the plant is:

  1. a full name: Open Joint Stock Company “Belarusian cement plant”;
  2.  short name is: OJSC “Belarusian cement plant”.

Legal and postal address: Republic of Belarus, 213640 Mogilev pr., Kostukovichy.
The Main purpose of the Community is a deriving of profit. The Principal activity is the cement production.
OJSC “Belarusian cement plant” is the founder of one subsidiary: private construction unitary enterprise "Cemstroyremont". The Community also includes a branch №1 “Cemagro”, and Branch №2 “Cementtorg”. The Community carries out the following kinds of activity:


      • 01111 cultivation of grain and leguminous crops;
      • 01112 growing of potatoes;
      • 01113 growing of sugar beet and seeds;
      • 01114 growing of oil-bearing crops and their seeds;
      • 01115 growing of forage crops and their seeds;
      • 01119 cultivation of other crops, not included into other groups;
      • 01121 growing of vegetables, their seeds and seedling;
      • 01210 stock-rearing;
      • 01222 keeping of horses;
      • 01230 breeding pigs;
      • 01300 plant growing in combination with animal husbandry (the mixed agriculture);
      • 01419 provision of services for growing agricultural products;
      • 01420 service in the field of animal husbandry, except veterinary services;
      • 02012 forest extraction;
      • 05020 fish-farming;
      • 14120 production of limestone, plaster and chalk;
      • 14210 development of gravel and sandy pits;
      • 14220 clay and kaolin production;
      • 15110 production of meat;
      • 15130 production of meat products;
      • 15310 processing and potatoes conservation;
      • 15511 milk processing, except conservation, and production of cheese;
      • 15611 production of a flour;
      • 15710 manufacture of prepared feeds for animals kept on farms;
      • 15810 production of bread and bakery products, production of flour confectionery of incontinuous storage;
      • 15820 production of crackers and cookies, production of flour confectionery of long storage;
      • 15850 production of pasta;
      • 18210 production of overalls;
      • 20101 sawing up and wood planing;
      • 20301 production of joiner's products;
      • 20400 production of wooden containers;
      • 26510 production of cement;
      • 26520 production of lime;
      • 28111 production of construction metal structure;
      • 28520 processing of metal products using the basic engineering processes;
      • 28740 production of fasteners, chains and springs;
      • 28759 production of the metal products which haven't been included in other groups;
      • 29239 installation, slip, repair and maintenance of the industrial refrigerating and ventilating appliances;
      • 31629 installation, adjustment, repair and maintenance of other electric equipment;
      • 32209 installation, adjustment, repair and maintenance of the transferring equipment;
      • 33209 repair and maintenance of measuring instruments and instrumentations and equipment;
      • 33300 installation of devices of control and regulation of technological processes;
      • 40114 electricity generation by other power plants;
      • 40120 power transmission;
      • 40131 distribution of electricity;
      • 40133 external lighting;
      • 40301 production of thermal energy by thermal power plants, independent boiler rooms, other sources;
      • 40303 heating;
      • 41000 collecting, cleaning and water distribution;
      • 45112 earthwork; 45211 general construction of buildings;
      • 45220 structure and building covering;
      • 45252 the other construction works demanding special professions;
      • 45310 electrical installation works;
      • 45320 insulating works;
      • 45330 sanitary engineering works;
      • 45410 plastering;
      • 45420 joiner's and carpentry works;
      • 45430 floor covering and facing of walls;
      • 45440 painting and glass works;
      • 45500 rent of the construction equipment;
      • 50200 maintenance and car repairs;
      • 50301 wholesale trade of automobile details,  knots and accessories;
      • 511 wholesale trade through agents (for remuneration or on a contractual basis);
      • 51210 wholesale trade in grain, seeds and sterns for agricultural animals;
      • 51230 wholesale of live animals;
      • 51240 wholesale of hides, skins and leather;
      • 51310 wholesale trade in fruit and vegetables;
      • 51320 wholesale trade in meat and meat products;
      • 51330 wholesale trade in dairy products, eggs, food oils and their fats;
      • 51539 wholesale trade in other construction materials;
      • 51571 wholesale trade in scrap and waste of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
      • 51909 unspecialized wholesale trade in non-productive goods;
      • 52110 retail trade in unspecialized shops mainly foodstuff, including drinks and tobacco products;
      • 52120 other retail trade in unspecialized shops;
      • 52210 retail trade in fruit and vegetables;
      • 52222 retail trade in meat and meat products;
      • 5225  retail trade in alcoholic and other beverages;
      • 52271 retail trade in dairy products, eggs, food oils and fats;
      • 52431 retail trade in footwear;
      • 52460 retail trade in construction materials;
      • 52484 retail trade in jewelry;
      • 52486 retail trade in flowers and other plants;
      • 52487 retail trade in seeds and fertilizers;
      • 52630 other retail trade out of shops;
      • 55120 service by hotels without restaurants;
      • 55230 service by other places for accommodation;
      • 55300 service by restaurants;
      • 55400 service in bars;
      • 55510 service by dining rooms at the enterprises and establishments;
      • 60100 activity of railway transport;
      • 60211 transportations by buses;
      • 60240 activity of motor cargo transport;
      • 63120 storage and warehousing;
      • 63211 activities for operation and maintenance of the railroads;
      • 63400 organization of transportation of goods;
      • 64200 electric communication;
      • 65220 credit arrangement;
      • 70200 lease of owned real property;
      • 70120 purchase and sale of owned real property;
      • 71210 rent of other overland vehicles and equipment;
      • 71310 rent of agricultural cars and equipment;
      • 74201 activity in the field of architecture, engineering services;
      • 74300 technical tests and researches;
      • 74400 advertizing activity;
      • 80424 other education for adults and the other education not included in other groups;
      • 85200 veterinary activity;
      • 92720 other activities for the organization of rest and the entertainments, not included in other groups;
      • 93011 washing and processing of linen and other products;
      • 93020 service by hairdressing salons and beauty shops.

Branch №2 “Cementtorg” (OJSC “Belarusian cement plant”) location of the Branch: Republic of Belarus, Mogilev pr., Kostsiukovichi, m-n Molodezhny, 13. The purpose of activities of subdividing is profit extraction. Object of activity are implementation of production, trade activity, rendering services.

Branch № 1 “Cemagro” location of the branch: Republic of Belarus, 213640 Mogilev pr., Kostukovichy area, village Nizki, tel. 35910. The purpose of creation of branch is conducting of industrial, business and trade operations, directed on profit-making for satisfaction of social and economic interests of the personnel, the Community as a whole and  the Branch separately.

Private construction unitary enterprise "Cemstroyremont" is located 213640 Mogilev pr., Kostsukovichy. Main objective of business activity of subsidiary is profit extraction.

According to the Nation-wide qualifier of Republic of Belarus of OKRB 005-2006 "Types of Economic activity", the approved resolution of the State committee on standardization of Republic of Belarus dated December 28, 2006 No. 65, the following types of activity:


    • 18210 production of overalls;
    • 20101 sawing and wood planing;
    • 20301 production of joiner's products;
    • 20400 production of wooden containers;
    • 26630 production of commodity concrete;
    • 26640 production of dry concrete compounds;
    • 45111 disassembling and demolition of buildings;
    • 45112 earthworks;
    • 45211 general construction of buildings;
    • 45212 construction of engineering structures;
    • 45220 coverings of buildings and constructions;
    • 45310 electrical installation works;
    • 45320 insulation works;
    • 45330 sanitary engineering works;
    • 45340 installation of the other engineering equipment;
    • 45410 plastering;
    • 45420 joiner's and carpenter's operations;
    • 45340 floor coverings and walls facing;
    • 45440 painting and glass operations;
    • 45450 other finishing works;
    • 45500 rent of the construction equipment;
    • 51909 unspecialized wholesale trade in nonfoods;
    • 52120 other retail trade in unspecialized shops;
    • 52251 retail trade in alcoholic beverages;
    • 52252 retail trade in soft drinks;
    • 52260 retail trade in tobacco products;
    • 65220 credit arrangement.

    2.2.2 according to the List of types of activity on which implementation the special permissions (licenses) are required, the approved Decree of the President of Republic of Belarus dated September 1, 2010 No. 450 "About the license of separate types of activity", the Community realizes the following licensed types of activity:

      • activities for support of fire safety;
      • retail trade in alcoholic beverages and (or) tobacco products.

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Extraordinary general (annual) shareholder meeting will take place on March 12, 2014. The agenda of a meeting:

  1. Report of operating results of the Community for 2013 and tasks to ensure the implementation of prediction measure of social and economic development in 2014.
  2. Report of the supervisory board about work in 2013.
  3. Report of the auditing committee about work in 2013.
  4. The approval of the balance sheet, profit-and-loss report of the Community for 2013. Direction of appropriation of net income in 2013.
  5. About the direction of appropriation of net income in 2014.
  6. Election of members of the Supervisory Board and the Audit Commission.
  7. About gratification of members of the Supervisory Board and the Audit Commission.
  8. On amendments being made to Community’s Regulation.

Venue of general (annual) shareholder meeting – Mogilev Region, Kostukovichy, OJSC “Belarusian cement plant”, 3rd floor, conference hall.

Date and time of registration of the participants of the general (annual) shareholder meeting: 12.03.2014, 13:00.  Date and termination time of registration of the participants of the general (annual) shareholder meeting: 12.03.2014, 13:45.  For more information, please call: 802245-58079 (58005) during business hours. June 17, 2013

OJSC "Belarusian cement plant" held an event called "Women's Health, the nation's health".

22 may 2013

LLC "Company Cemclub"  held a seminar in cooperation with  OJSC "Belarusian cement plant".

21 may 2013

In accordance with paragraph 1 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated August 4, 2009 № 407 "About some questions of an exchange of the documents confirming the right of citizens on privileges" from January 1 to December 31, 2012. The Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Republic of Belarus makes an exchange of certificates of participants of elimination of consequences of accident on the Chernobyl NPP (further - the ertificate of the participant of liquidation), given out by Belselstroy, Minstroy, Belbud, and re-registered by the Architecture and Construction Ministry in accordance with the established procedure till January 1, 2012, on certificates of victims of accident on the Chernobyl NPP, other radiation accidents (further - the certificate of the victim).

December 20, 2012

Since December 5, 2012 on JSC "Belarusian Cement Plant'' the discount for cement acts on a basis of prepayment. Advance payment of 100%.

December 5, 2012

Since September 28, 2012 to December 31, 2012 on JSC "Belarusian Cement Plant'' the discount for lime,  chalk stone acts on a basis of prepayment. Advance payment of 100%.

September 28, 2012

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